iJiya Benefits

  • iJiya is tagging service to simplifying any complicated address to simple one TAG , it helps people to share and distribute tag amongst desired one, still there is few specific benefits for each group of user as show below

A way WE use iJiya?

  • Tag place you BORN.
  • Tag Place you study.
  • Tag Place you like to go again and again.
  • Tag place where you find your first love.
  • Tag place where you first kissed her/him.
  • Tag your first home.
  • Tag your new office.
  • Tag your new Home.
  • Tag your this vacation plan to visit.
  • Just think a way to save any location for your memories.
  • There is Many reason to tag and spread for all of us amongst our friends and relatives.
  • In all case it simply easily spread and communicate to whom you desire.
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